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- 05/03/2014: Points contest is now live. This event is up to June 15.
- 04/02/2014: We 've added some great offers. Try it on "Newsest" tab.
- 04/01/2014: We bonus 20% for all user earn more 5000 points. This event is up to end of June.
- 12/29/2013: Contest count down end. Top user has been emailed out.
- 07/25/2013: Points contest is now live
- 07/01/2013: We also provide trial code for VLTK 3D Online. Contact Manager for the details. Try this great game now
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What are points worth?

100 points = $1.00/0.50
500 points = $5.00/2.50
1000 points = $10.00/5.00
2000 points = $20.00/10.00


  • Daily contest: Anyone complete all mostest offer in day will auto claim 200 points bonus in the end of the day.
  • Monthly contest: Monthly contests by getting a lot of new referrals or earning a lot from offers. 1st point earned of month auto receive 2000 points. 2rd point earned of month auto receive 1000 points bonus. 3rd receive 500 points.